How Do You Work Out The Age Of A Vintage Guitar?

If you are wondering, “how do you work out the age of a vintage guitar?”- You aren’t alone! There are many vintage guitar collectors that might find a great price on an older instrument, but they are unsure what year the model might be. This can make a dramatic difference in value and it can be more difficult to discern, if you are shopping on the Internet auction websites or vintage guitar forums that feature individual sellers.

How do you work out the age of a vintage guitar, if you aren’t familiar with all of the brands or models? The first step is to do as much research as you can. There are some vintage guitar collectors that specialize in particular brands or models, for this reason. The more money you are planning to invest, the more important this factor is. There are some collectors that are hoping to invest a little bit of money on the hopes of having a hard-to-find specimen. Just because a particular model is from a low-production run, doesn’t mean it is worth more money, regardless of age!

When searching for the answer to a popular question- “how do you work out the age of a vintage guitar?”-you might need to have an appraisal done. If you take advantage of the vintage guitar collector forums, you might find the information you need, but it can be difficult to learn, unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Some brands offer serial numbers and others will have distinct features that differ from year to year. If you are looking at models that don’t offer this advantage, it can be difficult to know the answer.

How do you work out the age of a vintage guitar, if you are new to investing in these classic instruments? There are expert vintage guitar collectors that have their own websites. In fact, they solicit buyers to contact them with vintage guitars of certain models. They have become so familiar with each brand and model that they collect that they can tell you whether a particular model has the potential for appreciation. When you consider there are some guitars from the 1950′s, including Telecasters, Stratocasters and Les Paul models, which can fetch more than $100,000, you can see why identification is very important.

Of course, you will say that these larger investments might not come close to your budget or what you plan to spend. This is only used as an example of the difference in value that might exist between an affordable vintage guitar, such as an Epiphone guitar that costs a few hundred dollars and a Fender model of the same year that might cost several thousand dollars. Whatever model, brand and particular year you might be interested in can determine the amount of research that is needed to find the age of the instrument, when no serial numbering system or identifying markers are present.

How do you work out the age of a vintage guitar, when you are a beginning vintage guitar collector? The best advice is to search the Internet, communicate with expert collectors and consider an appraisal, if you are unsure. If you want to build a collection of vintage guitars that will be of investment quality, these are resources to consider, besides the price guides that are available for certain models of vintage guitars.

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